Spring 2017

Spring 2017 from Barboglio celebrates the bounds of balance, both spiritual and physical.  In a world seemingly driven by one’s inner self, this season crosses borders to revisit the voices of the past and present…for lessons learned and now taught. 

While in Michoacán, a state in the southernmost part of Mexico, Barboglio was awed by the art and artifacts of the region.  A strong community of artists continues to provide inspiration, despite being a victim of discord in the recent past.  These treasures proved to be the foundation of the collection.  What is old…is new.

Tools used in daily life such as the “bateas,” hand painted bowls used for storage of grain and seeds, were meticulously crafted for daily use.  These pieces, while still useful today as containers, are also hung on walls, or mounted on museum stands.  Presented in warm hues of yellow-orange and turquoise, with pops of green and pink, they celebrate three magical figures in Mexican culture:

San Francisco - also known as St. Francis of Assisi - believed that nature itself was the mirror of God, referring to all creatures as brothers and sisters.  Each town in Mexico honors this patron saint with a festival every year.

San Pascal is known as the patron saint of cooks and kitchens.  His bowl of cabbage broth was offered to the poor for sustenance.  As he cooked, he believed he had the help of angels to assist him in his daily tasks.

La Catrina, a coy, flirtatious skeleton celebrating life after death, has become the referential image of death in Mexico.  It is common to see her embodied as part of the celebrations of Day of the Dead throughout the country.

The novelty of these bateas demanded an artistic presentation. Ribbons of beads, wired together by flowers, blessings and charms, create blessings for the home when hung on walls; their shadows twirling from behind.  Bending at the discretion of its possessor, they flicker spontaneously and unexpectedly.

Spring being a time to celebrate nature, Barboglio created bouquets of over-sized roses to blossom and envelop wax cast bowls…encasing candles on poetic candlesticks with thorn-like irreverence. Classic glass sparrows, monarchs and “wee-bees” accompany the collection, playfully dancing along the structures of iron and glass.  Each live as a separate story within the collection, which resonates a soulful, unconventional aesthetic.  Among our favorites is the “magnum martini,” a generously irreverent glass vessel suitable for sharing or selfishly reserved for one.  Berries, ice cream, margaritas…?

Across the landscape of the collection appears a flash of color: an unapologetically bold, bright green.  It is a crown-adorned San Francisco, draped in monochromatic green drenched beads.  “People often think we eschew color and we do; however, anything that celebrates nature is intrinsic to what we do,” says Barboglio.

Spring beckons the chance to entertain, and additions to the collection of prized serving pieces prove to be strong.  Among them: hammered trays of natural and precious nickel, a solid serving block of Torreon stone, and set of twin vessels suitable for tableside accompaniments.  Barboglio collectors will not want to miss the “blessed butter” dish and “holy cookie” jar – certain to bring smiles to guests.

Introductions of new lighting provide further illumination.   The “firedance” railroad, a modern update to a Barboglio classic, is presented with six or twelve hand-blown glass votives; each light a testament to individual creativity.   For a smaller space or elegant gift, a single “one-step” candelita extends this vision.  

For a grand statement, Barboglio introduces the Rosas Candleabra; five glass vessels ornamented with fifteen precious roses are draped across iron boughs of leaves that tower high above.  Holding candles or flowers, it commands attention as a centerpiece or the perfect backdrop against an unadorned wall.  Grand indeed!

A final proclamation of the season illustrates the virtue of the unexpected.  Barboglio expands its furniture collection to include pure white “sugarstone,” a white marble-like natural stone used alongside signature dark iron.  Transformed into occasional tables, consoles and oversized bedside tables, these create an ethereal cloud of light. 

Spring 2017 celebrates not only calm and comfort, but also a voice of the past with the arrival of daring new dreamers.