Fall 2017

1. a spoken or written account of connected events; a story.

Barboglio views this collection as a prism of life: a myriad of colors driven from a sunset that is both spiritual and physical. From the pure, soft glow of an opalescent dawn, to the brilliant, intense hues of a fearless red sunset...the feeling is dramatic.

To begin, we approached the team of glassblowers to translate this canvas into the medium of glass. This challenge required not the imitation of color, but the capture of emotion. The red must not be red: it must at once be red, yellow, orange, and violet. Nor was the clear to be clear, but instead a romantic palette of opalescence in white with blue, green and pink. The blending of this new glass alongside the classic Barboglio colors of saffron, azul blue, clear and jaguar, is seamless.

It made sense to present these new hues in the shape of Pilar flutes, brandies, classic cordials, and votives. The jaguar collection evolves with serving bowls supported by forged passion flowers. Adding to this, a ewer-like pitcher, inspired by old Mexico, is engraved with our familial crested eagle.

Fall summons a desire to entertain, and new additions compliment the collection of serving pieces. Chafers – much missed – return, adding to the classic Barboglio table. Enhancing the chafers, a warming dish, suspended on passion flowers, can be used for dips... casseroles...and sauces. Also included in the new servers are a large maple wood cutting board, a winged glass bowl, a winged pitcher, a vortex-shaped vessel and a new circular bar cart.

Holiday begins with a modern interpretation of the Nativity, the Nacimento d’Paz. This nativity suspends the Holy Family and Angel on a forged stage of iron. A Limited Edition of 100 are numbered and signed by the artist. A primitive Menorah and a bird Mezuzah...are timeless heirlooms to be passed down for generations.

Classic adelitas become sweet angels of light. A frame, honoring family, pets and friends bless the holiday tree. Barboglio continues its artistic roots with new vessels of candlelight. The juxtaposition of iron coupled with glass continues to be a signature.

Saints and sculptures, captured in iron and stone, provide a bridge to the past that become the future. These icons include St. Christopher, bathed in rays of sun, Maria, bearing gifts of flowers and San Pasqal, the patron saint of cocineros and cocinas...cooks and kitchens...

Among the many treasures found in Morelia was that of alpaca. This alloy has a warmth and glow akin to aged silver, and Barboglio iron nests seamlessly with the complexity of this palette. Strong, modern lines of iron support engraved trays for an aesthetic that is both traditional and unexpected in furniture.

Fall 2017 was born from a single moment of unexpected wonder; a soulful gaze at a sunset, radiating a canvas of color and light.