Flores de Fuego

july 29, 2014 | by Jan Barboglio | posted in Blogs

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Dear Collectors:


It is with a heavy heart I write you, our customers, to tell you a meaningful part of our beloved facility in

Mexico burned. It was my father’s warehouse he built to facilitate the family cattle ranching business, and we

repurposed it to accommodate The Jan Barboglio Collections. I am pleased to report that there was no loss of

life, and no one was hurt....such a blessing, for which I am relieved.


The Jan Barboglio Collections were built over many years as a labor of love alongside you, our wonderful

customers and collectors. We have been able to bring to you one special piece at a time over many years, and

we could only do this through your remarkable loyalty. So it is for this very reason that I think it took me all

of four minutes to decide that I must also share with you this daunting and yet character building challenge we

must face today.


I leave today for Mexico. Our fine craftsmen have relied on me for many years, and I love them as family. I will

not let them down now. Nor will I let you down. We will regroup, and rebuild.


Events such as these always produce beautiful stories in the end, bring us closer together, prove what we are

truly made of. We have decided to embrace this tragedy head on as.......la belleza del fuego....the beauty of the

fire. As you can see, it is part of who we are now, and we must see it through with strength. I hope you will join

us in this unchartered territory.


We will keep you updated on our Blog at www.janbarboglio.com and on our Jan Barboglio Facebook page. As

you know, “social media” is new to us, however, I find it necessary in light of these events to engage. It will be

a comfort. Should you choose, we welcome you as friends and followers.


Once I arrive and see items that may have been touched by the fire, but retain their beauty, they may be offered

and specifically marked with a seal. You know how particular I am…….I will only know it when I see it. It

is my hope Mother Nature has uniquely touched some pieces. Fortunately, our USA distribution center just

received a portion of our new finished work. Items will continue to be available in stores and our website.


Thank you again for your loyalty, and we appreciate your support as we rebuild.


I’ve decided to face this challenge as creatively as I can.

I feel a bond with collectors, and those who work with us on our collections both in Mexico and the United

States...... all of whom are considered friends and family to us at The Jan Barboglio Collections.


Best regards,


Jan Barboglio






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inge cahill says.

Dear Jan, I admire your strength and that you are embracing your tragedy in such a positive way. To me, it makes your products even more meaningful. Thank you for this blog and even in moments of sadness, darkness and hardship you are kind and thoughtful. best wishes, Inge Cahill

Barbara Pittman says.

God has given me these scriptures for you and your business reflecting on "the fire": " For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you but to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11. Your strength is amazing! We look for any more years of your visionary art. A true testament of your faith that has been demonstrated to all during "The Fire". I feel fortunate to be able to display and sell your wonderful art in my store.

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