La Belleza Del Fuego....The Beauty of the Fire....

august 14, 2014 | by Scott McCabe | posted in Blogs

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For many years,  Jan Barboglio has been admired for her unique and elegant style through her functional and timeless Jan Barboglio Collections. Available at Neiman Marcus and other fine stores in major cities, her Library collectibles are now available online for the first time in the SHOP section of These Library items will no longer be available, and are for those who wish to collect her rare work. Both in stores in limited quantity...and online for a limited time....this is a one-time and short term opportunity for shoppers and collectors to own the last of certain items in the collection.

As resilient as her pieces are, on July 21st Jan and her collections were uniquely and profoundly impacted by a devastating fire at her workspaces in Mexico. This fire, while representing a major chapter in her history....left behind many positives. Most important, there was no loss of life....a huge blessing.  
The fire also left behind a patina on some items that only Mother Nature can lay claim. 
Very limited quantity of these items will be made available in stores and online, and each will carry a unique seal and card as La Belleza Del Fuego...The Beauty of the FireThese pieces hand-picked by Jan remind that with adversity there is also beauty and strength.
Some items currently available in stores will not be made again once the current inventory is depleted. Also, the items currently available in the SHOP section of her website will not be available again once sold. As the workspaces are rebuilt, Jan's collections will return. The tragedy of the fire has clearly given rise to an opportunity for shoppers and collectors who have long prized the beauty, elegance and function of Jan Barboglio's collections.
Visit stores which carry the Jan Barboglio Collections for current availability by store, or visit SHOP at to view the shopping opportunities available now. Over the next few months, as Jan Barboglio and her collections enter the next chapter in her resilient and creative history, the final items available touched by La Belleza Del Fuego....The Beauty of the Fire will become available in a very limited way.  These items will be shown in stores and online once they are determined to be unique and beautiful....and unharmed for their function.
Thank you for your remarkable loyalty over so many years for the Jan Barboglio Collections, particularly now at this time as we work through these unique circumstances presented by the fire.



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Lorna C Bourgeois says.

I stumbled across a metal box with a rusty cross and nail inside. The card with it had your name brand on it, but I am most curious about the number on the outside: #109. Is this one of your new products or an earlier piece? I see similar pieces on Ebay for $150.00+, but I am not sure about my new treasure and what it may be worth. Can you please help? Thanks, Lorna

Vickie Nuckles says.

Jan, My friend and I had the pleasure of meeting you and Henry yesterday at the Neiman Marcus trunk show in St Louis, Mo. You are an amazing designer and such a sweet, down to earth, person. It was exciting to meet the designer who has created the beautiful pieces we have bought through the years. The pieces that you signed makes them even more special. Hope to see you again in St Louis. Vickie

Leslie Marchetti from GALLERY4204 says.

What a true pleasure to spend time with Jan and Henry in San Diego. 2015 might very well reveal there are some larger than life size commissions to be found. Very much looking to the future. Thank you the lovely visit and the pieces we selected are being loved and enjoyed by all. Warm Regards, Leslie and Cassidy Marchetti

Susan Leslie Marchetti says.

Dear Jan, We will be seeing you in San Diego at Neiman's this Friday. I have opened a beautiful museum level fine art gallery this last year. I am still very interested in having a more serious discussion about working with you to place larger than life and large scaled public works. I know your time is so limited when you are here but is there a possibility that the two of us might sit down during one of your breaks. I will bring you some images of the sculptors I am representing. Not suggesting I carry your work, please don't misunderstand but very passionate about pursuing the possibility of monumental to large scaled projects. Both of my sculptors I am handling at GALLERY4204 (also my office) are from Santa fe and Abiquiu, NM. I just returned from a remarkable trip. Warm Regards, Leslie Marchetti Marchetti fine Arts GALLERY4204 619 213-2706 PS Last year I packed, insured and mailed the earrings to you but I never heard if you personally received them. I sent a follow up as well by I am thinking someone else may have opened them and consider my package just fan mail?

Diann Adkins says.

I found a small metal box at a Goodwill Store in Broken Arrow, Okla. It is one of your boxes? It is about 31/2 inches by 2 3/4 inches, 1 3/4 depth, It also has Barbogion in a circle at the bottom right.

Mary Lou McElligott says.

Jan, Only you can find beauty in such a loss. That beauty is who you are inside and out. It has been my pleasure to meet you at Neimans in Houston. My special thoughts are with you and yours during this rebuilding time! Always, Mary Lou McElligott

marjorie cranston says.

love your items and used to order all the time. there is no place to contact you any more..please contact me

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