Finish & Care

Each piece is hand worked.  It is individually cast or wrought, hammered, sanded and hand finished.  Variations of shading and textures are characteristic of the material and the old world finishing process.  Each piece is slightly different.


To achieve an old world appearance, we have chosen some pieces to have a lighter applied finish than others, this being especially true of the sculptural or 3 dimensional pieces.  We realize there is subjectivity in achieving this final appearance; to us what is beautiful – to others may appear unfinished.

Further finish or protection may be added with Minwax polyurethane available in spray cans at all hardware stores in clear stain or semi-gloss finish.  Minwax also has an indoor/outdoor spar urethane – should the item be placed outdoors, or if you simply desire further protection.  Additionally, Johnson’s paste wax can be rubbed on lightly. 

Fine steel wool will maintain the luster on milagros when rubbed.  Trays, service plates and platters can be cleaned with a damp cloth and dried.  Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.


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