orfebreria (ohr-feh-breh-ree-ah)
the art of goldsmithing, silversmithing, or working of
precious metals

metalurgia (meh-tah-loor-hyah)
metallurgy (met-l-ur-jee)
the word was originally an alchemist's term for the
extraction of minerals from metals
the technique of working or heating metals for certain
desired shapes or properties

Jade Frog Cuffs, Center Piece

Utilizing unusual combinations of material, honing in on sensations of ancestral Mexico, half tribal, half spiritual, Jan has pulled from a variety of sources.  These handmade pieces are Jan Barboglio's unique design aesthetic.  Whether in sterling silver or golden green bronze...clean and modern in their simplicity...or hammered, etched and embossed...there is a timeless sensibility...

The bronze we use has been salvaged from old pieces bought in Mexico...Bronze, being an alloy of metals, including copper, tin and zinc, will have differing hues and depths of color according to the proportion of metals contained within each recycled piece...it isn't much stronger than copper.

Depending on the design, the bullion is forged or cast...aged and buffed until it has achieved a golden, greenish "glow."

A good "glow," is a mixture of dark, golden color similar to a true 24k gold...or a greenish golden color similar to an 18k...even a mossy, green hue with copper glints is what we like.  We find these hues beautiful when worn together...

The brass we like, introduced around 500 BC, is made from an alloy of copper an zinc. Since zinc is rarely found in it's natural state, zinc ore is melted with copper and has a more golden color.
Bronze Cuff
The 3 Flor

The silver at Barboglio is purchased in the form of granalla, which is 100 percent pure silver. It is heated with liga, a bond of copper, and stored as sterling silver .925 in lingtoes, or solid bars.

As sterling is then used - it is weighed, melted and coaxed into shape and life through the use of wax molds or gentle forging. As each piece is finished . . .differing seals authenticate the origin, metal and process of make. All are made by the artisans of the Barboglio factory, who have worked with the company for years, but in other mediums. . . iron, tin, stone, leather, wood , glass.

It is these people who are also involved in the hand finish for production

Whether sterling silver, iron wood or stone each material is worked with the hand of the gentle with care creating a sensuous glow . . . never one of harsh brilliance.

Barboglio values the appearance of age which comes with the natural weathering process of nature... giving  people and elements their character.

Therefore, we ship items cleaned and buffed without a sealer as we believe should be done with all fine metals.  All items are shipped in an anti tarnish bag and a buffing cloth for your "glow" prior to your use...with your  bronze from Barboglio, for maintenance try a bit of Original Pledge on a dry cloth and gently buff.


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